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Join us

CHICO is now in a stage of rapid development, we need all kinds of pharmaceutical industry elite to promote the development of CHICO homeland.
We advocate people-oriented, provide first-class work platform and promote the common development of the individual and the whole team progress.
We have the perfect appraisal mechanism good compensation system, and the welfare of the human care. So CHICO is your best choice.
Organic Synthesis Scientist (3)
Job Requirement:Bachelor or above degree, Major ininorganicchemistryorpharmaceuticalchemistry, Independent optimization of synthetic routes for pilot scale-up.Synthesize organic compounds with multi steps independently, efficiently, safely, and reproducibly.
Foreign trade manager(2)
Make use of the network and exhibition provided by the company to develop overseas market and foreign customers, and complete performance targets.Collect and arrange the information of target market and target customer, and find potential customer,Follow up and maintain existing customers and keep good business relationship with them.

To apply, please send your resume to us at sales@chicopharm.com

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    Contact:Kirsten Jiang
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    Contact:Dannie Lee
  • Sales Department III
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